Interregional Center for Scientific Research and Expertise, NGO

Established in 2016, the Center is a non-profit environmental NGO.
Our goal is to bring together experts and activists to the nature conservation, to assist in the implementation of the principles of sustainable development in Ukraine, and to protect the environmental rights of Ukrainian citizens.
Our Values:
– Balancing the interests of people and Nature;
– environmental justice, tolerance and equality;
– integrity, respect and partnership;
– support for decisions based on scientific data and research;
– transparency and participatory democracy.
Focus of activities: sustainable development, water, forests, climate change, biodiversity, waste, environmental policy integration.
Our actions:
– conducting scientific research, expertise of projects in the field of environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources;
– risk assessment and calculation of environmental damage caused by Russian armed aggression
– organizing and conducting activities aimed at stopping activities that threaten environmental safety, biodiversity, and the health of Ukrainian citizens;
– creating a network of independent experts in various areas of environmental protection;
– creating databases of environmental information and conducting independent public monitoring;
– environmental education and information;
– development of environmentally friendly economic solutions and business plans for balanced environmental management;
– development of strategic, analytical, regulatory and legal documents and amendments thereto.